So much to say.  Just got back to Lexington from a wonderful Memorial Day trip to Pikeville.  Grilled food tastes better than anything else, and family’s where it’s at.  I would have loved to play golf with my brother, but his work schedule didn’t allow it.  Still, a good time had by all.  Just read through my recent posts, and realized I haven’t given a good personal update in a bit, so here you go.

I read a blog called The Simple Dollar.  The author recently decided to get in better shape, and is keeping track of his efforts in a very cool way–through an online site called Twitter (If you don’t know what Twitter is, click here for a sweet description).  I’ve been wanting to shed some pounds as well, and I think this is a cool idea.  I’m using Twitter already, so I created another account to help me keep track, on a public site, of what I eat every day.  The idea that it’s public is a little scary, but at the same time encouraging; after all, if I know that you’re going to click the link in this post and take a look at what I’ve eaten, I’ll be more likely to skip that trip to Taco Bell or Sonic.  Not that I’m gonna totally give up all things that taste good, but I need to start watching what I eat.   Consider me HealthNut 2.0.

My first week of training at my new job went well.  I think I’m going to like it there.  I eventually want to be an editor/publisher/writer, but this job gets the bills paid, and it does so with minimal invasion of my at-home privacy, so that’s a plus.  I think I may have gotten paid for today, but I’m not sure–the corporate world will do its best to fuck the new hire, of this I’m certain.  I can’t complain too much, though–the benefits look great on paper, and it’s hard to see how they wouldn’t be great in the real world.  Three more weeks of training, then I believe I get assigned to a team of some sort.  Back on the phones.  Better than being a telemarketer, that’s for damn sure.  Had that job, and wouldn’t have it again if they paid me $20 an hour.  Well, maybe for $20 an hour, but it would only last a week.  It costs me some serious gas to get to work, though.  I plan to write about this in an upcoming post.

I think my favorite part of graduating from college has been getting all my time back.  I knew I was short on time when I was at UK, but I didn’t realize just how much effort I was putting in: average of fifteen hours of classes, anywhere from 7.5 to 12 hours a week at a job on campus, and 15-25 hours a week at a second job.  That’s a lot of hours, and not a lot of rest/spare time.  I don’t know how the hell I did it, and I’m glad I don’t have to anymore.  So many things I have time to do again–read, write, play guitar, compose, play video games.  I think this is the most I’ve enjoyed summer since I was ten years old.  I don’t plan to stop.

So, in short, all is well.  Minimal amount of stress, family’s good, girlfriend’s good–overall, morale is high on the U.S.S. M. Edward Robinson.  Let’s hope this pattern continues.  Two posts are in the works; one about the commute to work in Winchester, and another about Magoo’s spa treatment (for those unfamiliar, Magoo is my truck, and is soon to have his own page, complete with pictures and short biography).


2 responses to “Hodgepodge

  1. Check out my blog on blogger. NICE EDS video.

  2. Mike Robinson

    I’ll give it a look. What’s the URL, young Matthew?

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