Book Review Issues

Okay everybody, here’s the scoop: my new job has given me a schedule that makes it really hard to get things like the Book Review done in the middle of the week.  Which seems horrible to admit, considering what I’m reviewing, but what the hell.  I think the best idea would be to move the Book Review to Saturday.  I don’t work on Saturdays, so I could write bits and pieces throughout the week, and set the thing to publish on Saturday mornings, staying up late to do the mass edit on Friday nights.  Sound good?  Great.  I suppose I should have foreseen the schedule conflict, but it’s taken care of now, so there shouldn’t be any more delays.  

To refresh everyone’s memory, this Saturday’s Book Review is going to finish talking about Chapter 1 of David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.  Feel free to send me a message or comment with any suggestions you might have.


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