Something Old, Something New

No wedding here–I’m talking about video games, and a recent trip to the Book and Music Exchange (BME) in Louisville.  I traded some old games that I never, ever play in for store credit, and walked out with Call of Duty 3 and season one of The Office.  A game and a DVD box set that would have cost me around $80 when they were both new, I spent only $10 of my own money to put them in my collection.

So, fellow pack-rat gamers, if you’re holding on to that precious black-label copy of Final Fantasy 7, but let it gather dust because your PS1 and PS2 both suffered over-heating damage and you’re too worried about how those damn gravity effects work on Super Mario Galaxy anyway, there’s much to be said for trading.  You’ll receive more “money” if you go the store credit route, but if you’re at BME, I doubt you’ll be able to leave without spending it all anyway.


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