A Special Thanks to Nintendo

The weather may be gloomy, but today has been anything but.  Why?  Because I have a Wii.  

Anyone who has shopped for a Wii knows the truest form of agony.  Store shelves are noticeably empty–most shipments arrive at stores, with each unit quickly going from the delivery truck directly into the vehicle of the few lucky searchers who correctly guessed the arrival time that day.  While those few leave with faces full of smiles and hearts full of glee, everyone else must go home, hoping to be successful next time.

Having a hard time dealing with rejection of this sort, I decided to go the eBay route.  After a short search, I found a sweet bundle–the Wii console as it would come in the box, along with Wii Play (including extra Wiimote) and an extra Nunchuk.  I snagged some other games as well–Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; Far Cry: Vengeance; Super Mario Strikers Charged; and Resident Evil 4.  All that, and some extra fancy stuff for about $60 less than what you’d pay in the store!  And I got Super Mario Galaxy as a gift!  Victory is mine!   

The best part about all this?  I’ve not had time to play any of these games.  I know, that sounds odd at first, but think about it.  My summer is going to be wonderful.  Instead of playing the games a bit here and a bit there, I’ll get to have one great big visually stunning mind-numbing video game orgy.  Considering the kind of person I am, I find this unquestionably more appealing.

So, thank you, Nintendo–you’ve once again found a way to take my money, make me like it, and lower my brain cell count.  Just tell me one thing–I’m the only one, right?


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