Book Review?

I get bored.  We all do.  Once this boredom sets in, we have two options: conquer it, or let it conquer us.  Since I’m not in the mood to be conquered, I’ve devised a plan to stay out of boredom’s evil clutches; every so often, I’d like to review a book, particularly something I’ve found useful or interesting.  Fair warning: I expect that most of the books I review will be non-fiction.  

That’s not to say I won’t include a fiction here or there, but anyone could go to SparkNotes and get info on a story by Melville or Poe or anyone else.  For the most part, I’ll be reviewing “function” books–books published with the aim of helping the person who buys them accomplish a certain task, be it becoming more organized, how to save money at the grocery store, or how to make minor repairs and adjustments to your guitar (ok, I admit the last one’s probably more for me than you).

I won’t try to review an entire book in just one post–there’s too much information in most books to be thoroughly covered in a succinct post, and most people I know (myself included) wouldn’t want to spend the time picking through an incredibly long post just to get a certain bit of information.  The best way to go about this, then, is reviewing individual chapters (or, if the material allows, groups of chapters).  

The first book I’m going to review is Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, by David Allen.  A more detailed description will come with the first review post, but here’s a quick quote from the book’s blurb:

“Allen’s premise is simple: our productivity is directly proportional to our ability to relax.  Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective results and unleash our creative potential.”

It’s a fun book, and it has helped me become organized (well, I’m getting there–but I haven’t finished the book yet, so give me some slack).  

Also, the Book Review posts won’t interrupt my normal posting (which, as of late, has been somewhat sporadic).  My blog isn’t becoming a book review; rather, my blog is incorporating a book review.  Look for the first post on Monday or Tuesday.


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