A quick update for those who read:

I landed a job at EDS in Winchester, KY.  I should be starting on the 19th of this month, so go me.  I believe I go in that afternoon to discuss benefits, orientation, and other things of that nature.  It’s a full-time position with potential for advancement.  I’ll be doing tech support at first, but I believe there may be editing positions available–that would be solid.  The fact that I’ll have to commute to Winchester and back is upsetting, considering the rapid rise of gas prices recently–word to the wise, be prepared for $4 by Memorial Day–but it’s a job, and it will allow me to save and pay bills, so I’m excited.

I’m just now checking out the MUSE CD/DVD HAARP.  I’m liking it.  I’ve also been told to check out UFO, that will come this week.  

I wish there were more substance here.  The stress of graduation has kept me from doing anything besides focus on the immediate and imminent: job, money, etc.  Now, though, I’ll have more time to ramble and stumble.


Do yourself a favor:  Google “Bowman 2.”  You won’t regret it.


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