For All My LP Freaks Out There

When it comes to the status of the LP (that’s a vinyl record, for those not hip to the lingo) there are three basic opinions: 

1.) Oh man, LPs are the greatest form of musical documentation ever!  To hell with digital, I loves me some crackles and pops!
2.) Screw records.  I hate the fact that CDs are still around–aren’t my illegally downloaded MP3s the best thing since TiVo?
3.) Just gimme my music, something to play it on, and pass the [insert vice of choice here].

Whatever your view is, has a cool little machine out that will hopefully help bridge this gap.  It’s called the Ion USB Turntable.  It lets you convert your vinyl into digital files, which I assume you could then put onto your MP3 player and enjoy whilst you walk.  Check it out, yo!    

EDIT:  Also, in my surfing, I found something else that’s neat and serves the purpose for both LPs and cassettes.  On, search for InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper (fixed the link problem I was having, CLICK AWAY!).  


2 responses to “For All My LP Freaks Out There

  1. I can’t say that I have any vinyls lying around. But I can say the following: “I see what you’re doin’ here, and I like it.”

    This summer, look to see a similar production come out of Erinland. Maybe that makes me a copycat, but I’ll at least link to you or something, and that will make it all better.

    Seriously. Good stuff, this.

  2. Mike Robinson

    There are roughly a kazillion blogs on the Internet–we’re all copycats in that respect. What matters is how you talk about what you talk about. I’m looking forward to it, and thanks for the compliment.

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