A Day In The Life

While perusing the blogosphere–and going through different copies of Leaves of Grass–I’ve decided I want to do a live-blog, of sorts. More of a…documentation, I suppose. I want to take this last Wednesday of classes and document what happens. I don’t think it will be an entirely special day, or entirely unspecial. I just want to pick a day–and there’s no day like today, kids!–and write down what happens, what I think, and other such musings. I expect this post to be complete by Thursday morning/early afternoon.

1:54 AM: Decide to document 4/23. Checked email to find contact info for Legal Assistant (L.A.) job–I need to call that when I wake up, pre-class, post-Lucky Charms. It feels great to get a callback-of-sorts. Must have applied to anywhere between twenty-five and forty jobs by now; at this pace, it’s hard to keep track, and I’m thankful for that. Too much information stored in the brain can only lead to one thing–meltdown.

Finished Aug. chapter of HST Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72 at work tonight–we were absolutely dead. It’s amazing how the book has affected my view of the ’08 race–spooky similarities. Checked CNN.com–Hillary won the Pennsylvania primary, 55-45 with 98% reporting. Not a shock, really–I think she’s from Scranton. Net gain of only three delegates, if my math is right. Obama’s lead is still in surmountable, in all probability. This thing’s going to go all the way to the damn convention. I do know one thing–if Obama rolls into Denver with the lead in the big three categories–popular vote, delegates, and states won–and doesn’t get the nomination, a very large section of the populace is going to be pissed off beyond belief.

8:31 AM: Woke up, stretched out, and immediately thought of calling about the L.A. job. Took a swig of water and a couple of deep breaths to calm my nerves, then dialed. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Four rings. Answering machine. I’m almost certain I called too early–it’s possible the contact was away from his desk, but it’s also entirely possible that they don’t start work until nine in the morning, thereby making me a very early bird.

This sort of motivation is what I’ve needed to break my recent streak. I’ve been hitting the snooze button too much–partially because I’ve not gotten enough sleep, and partially because I’m no longer excited about class. I’ve proven in the past, however, that getting up early makes me feel better. This is a good start–hopefully, I can stay away from the Nap Monster (you know, the one that always hits you right in the middle of each and every boring presentation you’ve ever had to sit through).

10:34 AM: Went to Linguistics–got a 14/15 on the last quiz.  Not bad, considering every time I walk into the class I forget anything I might have known about anything, ever.  Found out the final is Thursday of next week…at eight in the morning.  For anyone interested in keeping track, that’s my third 8 AM final (and I still need to get the time and date on two others).  Damn it.  I didn’t do well with any of my 8 AM classes, but I do get up easily when I know I have something important to do.  We’ll see what happens.

12:58 PM: So, a bit of good news escaped from my last PS 101 lecture.  The final is Monday at 10:30 in the morning.  I’m just glad it’s not another 8 AM, that would have driven me apeshit.  I still need to find out about Psych, but for now, I’ll just be happy that not all my tests are early.  Felt good to finish out PS 101–and not because I want be done with class.  It may require some thought on my part, but I would say that it has been the most valuable course of my college career.  For starters, I’m glad the professor didn’t do what a lot of professors would and just turn it into a damn civics class (that would be far too idealistic a route to take with such a subject).  Instead, he mixed civics with a bit of history, current events, and encouraged me to actually take a Web 2.0 look at the way political events happen in our country.  He was also able to easily command the attention of most students in a room that would easily seat 600 people–an impressive feat, in my opinion.  The combo of effective teaching and an interesting subject has done a great deal for restoring my faith in education, educators, and possibly the educatees/educated.

Also picked up some swag at CD Central.  Free posters for MUSE, The Raconteurs, and The Punch Brothers (Chris Thile’s project) are the ones I picked up–but there’s even more!!!!  Rush in now!!!

2:47 PM:  The Psych final is at 1 PM on Wednesday, according to the Spring ’08 schedule book.  Gonna check with my TA to make sure, but I’m hoping the schedule book is correct.  That one o’clock time slot would be a great gift in the middle of an otherwise hectic Finals Week.  Wait–no more labs this year, so I won’t see my TA.  Hm.  Better meet with my professor then…or, perhaps…Accio Syllabus!!!  *waits*  Damn.  Yeah, better meet with my professor.

A bit of sweeter news–my supervisor here at work brought back some Jaffa Cakes from her vacation in England.  They’re probably my favorite cure for a sweet tooth.

Picked up my cap and gown for graduation today.  Holy crap, I’m almost there.

5:16 PM:  Back home, cleaning the living room/kitchen area of the apartment and my bedroom.  Partially because it was needed, partially because I want to play Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in comfort, and mostly because I want to cook a nice dinner for my girlfriend without freaking out about the place being dirty.  Taking a bit of a break right now–I’m hoping that fresh air will calm me somewhat.  The cleaning is coming along nicely, so I can afford a break.  Gives me time to listen to my Pandora stations.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pandora, it’s a free online radio site.  It’s completely customizable, meaning you make the radio you want to hear.  Type in an artist or song (I typed in “KISS”) and within seconds, Pandora will craft a station that has not just your artist, but artists with similar musical qualities.  You can rate songs with a thumbs up (meaning you’ll hear that song and more like it) or down (meaning you’ll never hear that song again).  You can also add more than one artist to a station; for example, my “Rock and Roll Radio” station (check out the link on the sidebar to the right of this post) is scheduled to play KISS and Led Zeppelin, which pretty much covers my taste for 1970s hard and blues-based rock, and my “Alternative Musical Entertainment” channel covers Frank Zappa, his son Dweezil, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Les Claypool, all artists who satisfy my taste for the musically odd/freakishly talented.

Also, if you’re looking for entertainment, check out www.pbfcomics.com.  Lots of short, funny little comic strips.  My favorite is The Pacific Council.

11:34 PM:  So, it took me roughly an hour to make a pie crust, top and bottom.  I wanted to make a blueberry pie–it would have been easier to buy one, and instantly gratifying.  It doesn’t look that great, but I hope it tastes good.  I may have a slice tomorrow, I’m ready for bed now.  Meg and I had a great dinner–she made a killer chicken parmesan alfredo.  When my belly’s full, and it’s late at night, it’s hard not to get a little heavy in the eyelids.  

I’ve really enjoyed this docu-blog creation of mine.  I may do this from time to time again–it’s been really exciting tracking what I do, taking notes on certain events in order to keep them clear in my mind later.  I could do better, I’m sure, but it’s a start.  Thanks for all the hits today–Facebook is truly taking over the world. 


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