Attack of the Killer Apps

Kids, I have a Zune.  It’s Microsoft’s answer to the iPod.  I’m a big fan of the hardware–it looks smooth, runs great, and you get more storage space for your buck than you do with Apple’s mP3 player.  The thing I’m not so crazy about is the software.  It is very much slower than iTunes–in fact, when I’m running it, it’s hard to do anything else.  I got my Zune at Christmas, so it’s possible that I could just download some sort of patch for the software.  But, could it be that I need more RAM on my machine (I know, I know–I keep talking about this, but I’m a n00b, so pls forgive me, kthx)?  

And since we’re on the subject, what’s the best way to go about beefing up the RAM?  I have 512 MB now–would 1 GB be fine, or would I want to take the plunge and get 2 GB?  To go a little deeper, would I want one 2GB stick, or two 1GB sticks?  ARRRRGH!

Also, I want to build my Photoshop muscle a bit.  I can resize with the best of them, and I can make really freaky pictures.  But when it comes to image manipulation that enhances the photo without sending it to the dark side of Wonka’s chocolate factory, I’m coming up a bit short.  I’d like to also work on creating animation, like buttons, or creative backgrounds.  I’ve tried searching on the internet, but what I’ve found hasn’t been that helpful.  Anyone know of any good websites that could help a novice Photoshopper out, or should I just say to hell with the Internet (gasp) and buy the For Dummies book?

Edits to come, I’m sure…


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