The Writing’s On The Wall–America, This Is Our Literacy Test

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there was an event called Super Tuesday.  

That’s how our sordid tale begins.  Somehow, this election year has turned into one of the biggest spectacles in quite some time.  Partly because most people feel President Bush has done a amazingly shitty job, partly because the Democratic nomination is going to be given to either a woman or a black man–both of whom have a significant shot of winning the general election (and beating a former POW in the process).  

Normally, the nomination would be solidified by now, and the nation could turn its focus toward November.  The race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, however, has been a tight one.   And, as of late, it’s been getting nasty.  When primaries and caucuses were being held at break-neck pace, the candidates seemed to be more focused on campaigning in different states, and would save the jabs here and there for the televised debates.  But with the number of primaries steadily shrinking, someone has to do something to keep up interest, right?  Enter the Reverend Wright “scandal”.  Enter the spin put on Obama’s speech on race and politics.  Enter this desparate “elitist” bullshit being clung to by both McCain and Clinton.  

Ever since the AFL-CIO Democratic Debate at Soldier Field, I’ve pledged my vote for Obama (Joe Biden was my original choice, but his actions at the debate caused me to rethink my position).  I’m not voting for him because he’s a Democrat, or because he’s not a Republican, or because I think he’ll do everything he can for me personally.  To hell with party solidarity, I just want someone who will do the best they can to right some wrongs during their time in office.  It’s not just me–he has a huge movement behind him, and his two biggest opponents are scared.  Therefore, we have all these accusations, rumors, and mountains made from molehills infecting the airwaves.  

Isn’t it blatantly obvious that, in order to save their own asses, McCain and Clinton are jumping at the chance, any chance, to bring his campaign down?  I honestly think that neither of the candidates can beat him, and I don’t think that they believe they have a fair shot either.  As a result, we don’t have mud-slinging–we have mud cannons, taking fire at each every wall hoping like hell something will stick.

I really hope that the nation doesn’t become brainwashed by all this junk.  It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it matters why you’re voting for them.  I would much rather vote for a candidate because I agreed with their stance on the issues, and not because they out-trashed the other guy.  Intelligent, informed debate–not highly publicized temper tantrums–should be the way in which we make our decisions.  The idea of a pissing contest is, frankly, not that attractive.

Here’s an excerpt from a CNN broadcast condemning the Clinton and McCain campaigns for recent accusations that Obama is an “elitist.”

Bottom line: If you’re placing your vote based on an ad you saw on television, take two seconds and think about the consequences.  Wouldn’t it be great to see the stats on how many people regretted voting for G.W. in 2000, and especially in 2004?


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