It’s 2:42 AM.  The only noises I hear are my fingers typing this post, my breathing, and the ringing in my ears when the pauses in each of those activities coincide.  It’s hotter than hell in my apartment–the damn air conditioner is broken…just opened a window, that should help on both fronts.

I just got my copy of Getting Things Done in the mail today.  Since I decided to become Web 2.0-tastic, this book has been lurking around every corner–popping up in blog posts, YouTube videos, and class lectures everywhere.  Hell, I even saw a website devoted to teaching people how to restructure the way they do things, based mainly on GTD.  I did the math, and decided it would, or at least should be a worthwhile investment; given all the other organizational tricks I’ve been using lately, it seems like it would be a shame not to try this one.  I’ll keep you posted (pardon the pun).  


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