You There, Give Me Your Wallet!

Started using Quicken today, and I have to say it has taken a lot of stress out of my life.  It’s very nice to see all my financial goings-on in one little window.  Very nice, if I do say so myself.  Maybe the Internet is more than just Facebook and Myspace (though, truth be told, I do still enjoy Myspace somewhat).  

With all the little “here-and-there” additions I’ve been making to my computer, I’ve been thinking about buying more RAM.  I have 512 MB right now, and it’s more than likely 256×2 (I haven’t looked, but this would be the smart way to do it).  I want my computer to run quicker; I bought the thing in 2004, and aside from the occasional reformatting, I’ve done nothing major to keep it in good shape.  I don’t really want to buy another computer (though, I do have a little project I’d like to try, but more on that at a later time).  After much searching, I’ve found what I need.  It’s just convincing myself to press the “order” button that’s the problem now.

On a completely different and random note, enjoy this clip of the hottest band in the world.


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