While My Guitar Gently Wii-ps

Okay, okay, I’m guilty–of guitar neglect in the first degree.  Lock me up, and throw away the key.  

It’s true I’ve not played my guitar in a while.  Mostly because my amp is messed up.  I need a power cord (no pun intended) for it.  The ground prong broke, and now it makes this horrible squealing if you turn it too close to “2”–it used to wait until at least “5” before it would start that, and even then it was a better, yearned-for squeal.  This is more like a hawk hit a power line.  I also need to adjust the neck and string height–I wanna start playing on 10 gauge strings, they have more punch than 9s.  I think it would be really neat to pick up an effect pedal of some sort; determining that sort, however, proves to be a task.  I wasn’t happy with a wah pedal, and lots of others seem too gimmicky.

My Wii is also not too happy as of late.  MLB 2K8, Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4–they all sit mostly untouched.  But, this is the last semester of school, so I expect to make up for all my transgressions over the summer…and beyond!

Also, helped some friends build a giant origami crane for a photography project.  The paper ended up being about 14.5 feet squared, which means the crane was just a few inches shy of being six feet tall.  Yikes. I’ll try to get photos if possible–after all, six-foot-tall paper cranes are rather elusive.  


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