Welcome to the Jungle, We Got Browsers and RSS Feeds

I was Web-crawling today and found that Apple has released a version of Safari for Windows.  I’m an XP user who longs to have a Mac, but doesn’t have the Mac budget, so I clicked away and am now enjoying the Internet again.  Internet Explorer just isn’t that great at all, and Mozilla Firefox has been giving me some trouble as of late (maybe it’s upset because Netscape is dying).  I’d been really upset with my computer’s performance–Firefox wouldn’t even open sometimes, and IE would miss several keystrokes, which caused many misspellings, which in turn drove this future editor & English degree holder absolutely bonkers.  

Safari for Windows also has that classic Mac look–something Vista sort of went for, and something I like a lot.  This experience really just makes me want a Mac more–I at least would like to be able to run OS 10.whatever on my PC.  I’m in the process of organizing my files and folders and everything, maybe I can set things up in such a way that it will be easier on my brain and eyes.  Or maybe I’ll just cave and buy a Macbook Air.


One response to “Welcome to the Jungle, We Got Browsers and RSS Feeds

  1. It’d be cool to go on a safari

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