Okay, so I’ve finally begun my descent–I signed up for the free, ten-day-long free trial of World of Warcraft.

I’ve always been a huge advocate of console gaming–I’ve been rockin’ since the original Nintendo system (which came out in 1985, the year I was born).  It just seems logical to me that a machine designed specifically for one purpose (i.e., your standard console, such as a PS3, XBox 360, or Wii) would perform its task much better and more economically than a machine designed to be the Holy Grail of the cyberworld (i.e., your PC, Mac, or other such monster).

While I still believe that consoles perform better, I have to admit that I’m having a bit of fun on WoW.  I suppose that PC (or Mac) games can be just as entertaining, if not as smooth (for the money–I do realize that people will mod their machines in order to hack up members of opposite factions at blinding speed).

In other news, I figured out the RSS feed sidebar thing (as is evident by the tags on the right).  As of today, you see the feeds for my Twitter (which is somewhat okay, as vagues as that sounds), my Pandora (which might be the best way to discover music), and the news feed for the Chicago Cubs (Opening Day is [technically] today at 2:20 PM ET). More to come, I’m sure.

Alright, time to finish my Rockstar Juiced and study for my PSY 100 exam tomorrow (exams and an addiction to gaming of any sort are a poor mix, I’m finding).


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