OK, So This Town IS Big Enough For the Two of Us…

but that doesn’t mean I’m stickin’ around. Facebook, I hate you, and want you to die.

Since you are doing such a good job sucking the blood out of every college student you can get your teeth into, however, I believe I may just bow out gracefully. I’ll remove my pictures, put them on Flickr or get rid of them, and then wish you a not so fond farewell.

You used to be cool, you know. Before the applications and the news feeds and the endless supply of notifications telling me that so-and-so IS SO EXCITED ABOUT UK BASKETBALL/SPRING BREAK/WHATEVER!!!!!!!!

Your time with me is limited, Facebook. You will soon be dropped like the bad habit you are, and I will gain–at the very least–a shred of my dignity and a couple hours of my day.


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