OK, So I’m Becoming a Web 2.0 Addict

Addict might be a stretch, but I’m certainly becoming more interested in all the gadgets and gizmos the Web has to offer.  I should have seen this coming, I suppose–I’m always behind the times when it comes to technology.  It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I got my first cell phone (and that was prepaid, which was a massive hassle).  I’m just now realizing how much I “need” unlimited texting on my wireless phone bill.  I had a MySpace before they were cool, but didn’t start using it until it became a household name. 

Now, I’m seeing the benefits of Web 2.0.  I just figured out how to organize my Gmail with filters and labels (which are ten times better than the typical “folder”).  I’m making the switch from Photobucket to Flickr (although Photobucket is certainly a good place to store pictures and isn’t a bad option).  And I’m realizing that there’s more to YouTube than watching videos of Flash animated shorts or monkeys doing…whatever it is that monkeys do. 

I’ve seen the value of blogging before, but mostly through a “this-is-what-happened-to-me-the-other-day” colored lens.  I think I’d rather talk about my Web-capades, about the news, about what’s going on with us rather than just me.  I also want the freedom to make a random 3 AM post containing only a funny graphic or video.  I think I can balance both. 

So, here it goes, folks.  Here’s to something new.


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